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Does this look right?

Mike runs twice as far as Jim, but Phillip runs three times as far as Jim. If the three of them run a total of 24 miles, how far does each man run?

2m + j = 24
3p + j = 24

I am so wrong aren't I? Can someone help me, please??

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    You are so wrong.


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    lol, I figured. i am so confused I hate word problems, ok can i post another one and see if I can get it??

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    TastyBake bakery sells three times as many chocolate donuts as plain glazed donuts, but only half as many as jelly-filled donuts. If they sold 40 dozen donuts, how many of each type did they sell?

    x = chocolate
    y = plain
    z = jelly

    y = 3x
    z = 1/2x

    x + y + z = 40

    How was that???

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    J=1/2 P


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