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laboratoories order hydrochloric acid as a concentrated solution (e.g. 36% W/V). what initial volume of concentrated laboratory hydrochloric acid should be diluted to prepare 5.00L of a 0.12 mol/L solution for an experiment?
plz can someone show me how to do it step by step ....i have a test tomrrow and i don't get this question.....the answer is 61 mL ( i look it up im my text book) thank u :)

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    Personally, I don't believe HCl is sold as percent by volume. But in the spirit of the question,
    1000 mL x 0.36 = 360 g HCl
    moles HCl = 360/36.44 = 9.879 M
    Then L x M = L x M
    L x 9.879 = 5.00 x 0.12
    L = 0.0607 L = 61 mL to 2 significant figures.

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