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Hello. I will really appreciate it if you will help me with some language problems.
1)Is an article necessary in the following sentences: "He gave his first press conference as...
b)(?)president of Zimbabwe.
c)(?)new president of Zimbabwe.
2)Is the article used in the phrases:
(?)Pakistani intelligence
(?)Pakistani intelligence agency
(?)Pakistani security and intelligence
(?)Pakistani security and intelligence agencies
3)Is it possible to say "to struggle against terrorism" or "the struggle against terrorism" or is it "fight"?
4)Which modal verb is to used in the following sentence: "the war can/may/could be won only if..."
Thank you very much for your help.

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    1) c needs an article. It's optional for the other two.

    2) Use of articles in these phrases depends in part on how they're used in sentences. I'd use "the" in the second and fourth phrases.

    3) All of those are correct.

    4) Any of those three verbs is correct, although they have slightly different meanings.

    This English-language dictionary may help you see the differences.


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