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hello i need help with a lesson plan i need to find one regarding diversity, and whats the concept?

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    Check these sites.

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    a lesson plan about about around the world is it consider diversity?

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    Yes, definitely.

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    iam sorry ,mrs sue i cant seem to find a lesson plan that has a sensory experience.

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    can you please give me suggestions on diversity i seem to be lost on diversity

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    Diversity education teaches children to understand and respect other cultures.

    A good sensory experience is to have them taste foods from other cultures. You might have a parent bring in a desert type snack that is common in a specific culture.

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    Other sensory experiences could include music, dance, games, photos, and art work from different cultures.

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    ok thanks lets see if i have this right.

    lesson title:Around the world

    lesson objective:to learn differnt cultures

    skills involved:

    sensory experinces:to taste food from differnt cultures.


    discussion questions: 1) how is the food differnt from ours.

    evaluation and comments:

    suggestions for follow-up activities:

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    Im in the same program as you and am having trouble with culturally diverse children's music and lyrics and you found anything?

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    no i found evrything else but this?

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