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Childcare Mangment

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i have 2 questions

13. Following the nutritional label on a jar of peanut butter, you determine that 1 ounce of the
peanut butter contains 115 calories and 9 grams of fat. What percent of the calories come
from fat?
A. 30 C. 70
B. 40 D. 80

i think is B

5. A child in your program has just returned after having chickenpox.You notice that she still
has a few dry scabs. What should you do?
A. Send her home. She is still contagious.
B. Welcome her back and let her know what there is to do today.
C. Allow her to stay, but discourage her from playing with other children.
D. Take her temperature to check for a fever.

i think is c

  • Childcare Mangment -

    for number 13 it is B for number 5 it is c

  • Childcare Mangment -

    I totally disagree with your answers for number 5.

    The answer is b.

  • Childcare Mangment -

    no they are both wrorng

  • Childcare Mangment -

    What are the right answers?

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