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I tried to use Google Video Uploader.
However, I was not able to log in. I entered my e-mail address and then I entered the pass word, but it didn't work. Many times I tried to log on, but failed. How can I use the Google video Uploader? Would you let me know that? How can I contact with the person in charge of that matter? Thank you.

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    re start or take out main plug and put it back in.if no success and not an adult get help from a adult. still no success then call the people who run it. if they can't help start a new account.

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    If you have difficulty logging in, you may have a problem with your account or password. Verify that you password and account correspond.
    You can confirm the instructions at the following link, and click on "using Google video uploader", and follow all the instructions:
    (Broken Link Removed)
    If your account still does not work, you may need a new account.

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    to select all of the data contained in a table row you would click on the ?

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