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Can you tell me if all my verbs are correct?
Not one of the ushers knows where the lounge is.
Mumps is a common childhood disease that causes swelling in glands in the neck.
Politics is always a popular subject both to debate and to study at college.
The team is on a winning streak.
Carol, as well as Ines, writes a weekly column for the East High Record.
"Beauty and the Beast" is a folk tale that exist in many different cultures.
Ten pounds is too much weighdt for a young child to carrying a backpack.
It is difficult to concentrate when there are radios and stereos blasting away.
Have either of you read the book or seen the movie version of To Kill a Mockingbird?
In most situation comedies, there is a very wise character, a very foolish character, and a very lovable character.

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    "Beauty and the Beast" is a folk tale that exists in many different cultures.

    Ten pounds is too much weighdt for a young child to carry</b a backpack.

    The rest of your verbs are correct.

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