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i really need help of this writing assigment. i have been working on it for hours now and my brain is just jammed. okay .. the assigment is to
Write an eight sentence paragraph that fully develops the topic of how drunk driving can be stoped.

this is what i got so far

Drunk driving can be stopped by designated drivers and enforcing harsher penalties for drunk drivers.

not much i know but the 8 limit sentence makes me nervous and i don't know how to devolope the topic fully.
ideas please or even a start..

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    That's a start. Now expand that. How are you going to get drivers to be the designate? What about bartenders calling cabs to take people home? What penalties do you suggest?

    Just write and don't worry about the number of sentences in your first draft. After you've written all that you can think of, then edit your essay down to 8 sentences.

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    when i finish can i post my first draft for u to review??

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    Yes, please do.

    But please proofread this draft for typos and misspellings.

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    yes. A better way to stop drunk drivers is to have no drinking. Why do folks need excuses to drink? Why do folks need excuses to beat their wives? Why do folks need to max out credit cards to keep up appearances. You may want, as I am suggesting, hone in on the reason folks drink excessively.

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    Drunk driving can be stopped by designated drivers and enforcing harsher penalties for those who are caught drunk driving .Designated drivers should be available in larger numbers near bars and clubs or other places where alcoholic drinks are being served in large quantities.

    i paused because i wanted to ask should i explain what designated drivers are or just keep going ..?

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    Explain in your second or third sentence just what designated drivers are.

    Please help us help you and post your grade level.

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    I agree with u bobpursley, the thing is I'm a not familiar with this subject too because I don’t drink nor does anyone I know because of religious reasons . yet I’m trying to be realistic and open minded that this problem does exist and we cannot permanent stop someone from drinking if he/she does not want to and that brings us to finding solutions in hopes that they do any good.

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