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Given the following chemical reaction:
If you measured the total volume of collected gas over water at 20 degrees celcius t be 428ml at a total pressure of 845 torr, how many milliliters of 2.6M HCl would be required to produce the correct amount of Hydrogen?

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    Use PV = nRT to calculate moles H2 released.
    First, look up vapor pressure H2O at 20 C. It's approximately 20 mm.
    P = 845-vapor pressure H2O @ 20C and convert that number to atmospheres by dividing by 760.
    V = 428 mL, convert to L.
    n is what you want to know.
    R is 0.08206
    T is 20 C converted to Kelvin.

    Now that you know moles H2, use the coefficients in the balanced equation to convert moles H2 to moles HCl. Finally, M = mols/L. You know moles HCl and M HCl, solve for L and convert to mL.

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