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Chemistry 22

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A 19.18 mL of 0.125 M Oxalic Acid (H2C2O42H2O) is titrated with a Ca (OH)2
solution. The initial volume of Ca(OH)2 was 14.38 and the final volume of
Ca(OH)2 was 28.29 mL when the solution turned very slightly pink. What is the
concentration of Ca (OH)2?

  • Chemistry 22 -

    H2Ox + Ca(OH)2 ==> CaOx + 2H2O

    moles H2Ox = M x L = ??
    moles Ca(OH)2 = same as H2Ox because the equation shows the reaction is 1:1.

    Then M Ca(OH)2 = mols/L
    You know, of course, to find the volume of Ca(OH)2 that you subtract the final volume from the initial volume.

  • Chemistry 22 -

    Why is it H2Ox instead of H2C2O4?

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