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I,m doing aresearch paper and i have to answer questions. Do i write the question in my paper or do i just put them in my intro? the question has number so do i put them in there too?

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    This site has many great ideas for writing research papers.

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    It would be better if you work the question into your introduction -- without numbers and without putting it in question form. Here's an example:

    Essay question:
    "Dostoevsky goes to great lengths to make us suspect that Dmitri is guilty of the murder of Fyodor Pavlovich. Why does it matter whether Dmitri is innocent or guilty? Why might Dostoevsky have wanted to surprise us with his innocence?"

    So in your introduction, you could write this:

    In his novel Brothers Karamazov, Dostoevsky leads readers to believe that Dmitri is guilty of the murder of Fyodor Pavlovich. By the end of the book, in a surprise ending, readers discover that Dmitri was not guilty however. Dostoevsky clearly wrote this ending to demonstrate that we should not make hard and fast assumptions about other people without facts.

    (or something like that!)

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    What if I have multiple question to answer? How do I put all the question in my intro cause the #ed question have question too.

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    Brought tears to my eyes. There is nntoihg more painful than when our kids struggle and we focus so much on protecting them, sometimes mis-trusting so much that we almost miss the beautiful, inspiring truth that God brings us. God is gracious, merciful and amazing in what He does for us:)

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