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For my research paper I wrote about the affects of music on standardized test scores. Basically I tracked scores of elementary and middle schoolers. I compared those who participate in music and those who didn't (quantitative research). Then i wrote a questionnaire with 10 open ended questions asking the students about music related questions (like how does music make them feel, what subjects does it affect, what does music mean to them)...Alright well my teacher handed my rough draft back and said it sounded more like Pure Research instead of Applied (I also included how music is my passion in life and how i've been in music programs since a young age). I don't know how to fix it, please help me, I've worked so hard on this and i want to do well.

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    Read at least the first five of the articles in these search results.

    Let us know what you learn.

    PS -- I think you mean the effects of music on standardized test scores, right?

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    Yes, well kind of. I mean I want to see if there's a correlation between the standardized test scores of someone who participates in music compared to those who don't (participating meaning those who are in chorus, band, orchestra or simply a class about musical appreciation)...He mentioned how mine was more of an pure research paper because I talked about my experiences in music. I thought using real life examples would make the paper better but apparently in applied research you don't want to talk about yourself at all so I'm confused. According to the articles pure research and applied has similar characteristics and is difficult to tell the differences between them, which is confusing me even more.

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