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if 8 g of vinegar is added to baking soda to form 24 g of c02 and other products, how much baking soda did you need?

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    The chemical reaction is

    HC2H3O2 + NaHCO3 -> NaC2H3O2 + CO2 + H2O

    24 g of CO2 is 0.545 moles. (it is not clear if the 24 g applie3s to CO2 or ALL products. You will need the same number of moles of NaHCO3, but there is something wrong with the problem. You would need a lot more than 8g of acetic acid, and even more of vinegar, which is diluted acetic acid.

    Here is another way of looking at your problem. If ALL the products have a mass of 24 g, then all of the reactants must have the same mass. That would imply that 16g of baking soda was used. The reaction may not have been stoichiometric, and not all of the baking soda may have been consumed.

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