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1.Throughout his life, Chavez focused on nonviolent action.
2.He organized several boycotts of grapes and lettuce.
3.In California there was work for farmworkers if they could go from one farm to another.
4.In 1937, Cesar Chavez's family did not have enough money for the taxes on their farm.
5.As a child, Cesar Chavez lived near Yuma, Arizona.

Identify each prepositional phrase and then tell the word or words it modifies.

1.throughout his life-Chavez
on nonviolent action-focused

2.of grapes and lettuce-boycotts

3.In California-was work
for farmworkers-work
from one farm to another-could go

4.In 1937-did have
for the taxes-money
to another-could go

5.As a child-lived
near Yuma, Arizona-lived

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    1. (throughout his life) is an adverb phrase, modifying focused.

    3. (in California) modifies was (not work)
    (from one farm) > could go
    (to another) > farm

    4. (on their farm) > taxes

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