writing process part 2

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i need help on writing an eight sentence paragraph. i get a great idea(thought)about what to write and when i do start writing i freak out and go blank.

  • writing process part 2 -

    Write down your ideas as they occur to you.

  • writing process part 2 -

    Here's a plan, sentence by sentence:

    1. topic sentence
    2. detail sentence
    3. comment on #2
    4. comment on #3
    5. detail sentence
    6. comment on #5
    7. comment on #6
    8. conclusion

    Follow the directions here for what is meant by detail and comment.

  • writing process part 2 -

    is it alright to talk about more then one thing in the essay? such as(historical places that have opened up in the same area through out the years?)

  • writing process part 2 -

    As long as you have one thesis statement to unify the thoughts, yes.

    Exactly what do you have in mind?

  • writing process part 2 -

    well for example i want to write about the intresting/ historic pike place, and that it has been open for more then a centuary and people have had there dreams come true because of pike place market for example starbucks was first opened there and it has spread all over united states now.

  • writing process part 2 -

    i have the idea of how to write it i just need help putting it together. i don't want it jumping from one topic to the other. i think that's my problem. i have to have 4 essays done withen 2 weeks and so far ive gotten no where.

  • writing process part 2 -

    Follow the outline that Writeacher posted.

  • writing process part 2 -

    An essay is usually very focused. If you don't have a nice, "tight" idea for the paper, then you need to work on focusing the topic until it's as narrow as possible. Your idea about Pike Place is interesting, but you need to focus it. What ONE THING would you want to focus on about Pike Place?

  • writing process part 2 -

    Here is an excellent series of ideas about how to write a really superb thesis statement:

    You absolutely MUST have a superb thesis statement to guide you in writing an excellent essay.

  • writing process part 2 -

    In addition, you MUST aim for college-level writing, no matter what grade you are currently in.

    Read carefully and write better and better.

  • writing process part 2 -

    thank you very much i apprciate u taking the time and getting back to me.
    i myself hope i can get this done right the first time. thnx a bunch=)

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