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I have read in the handbook about SAP.I pass 2 of 3 courses but my GPA IS 2.0 AS REQUIRED.My grade A- C+ and F which is 62.24%,since when has a grade of 62 is a F???? I know it is a D.If I am mistaken about what in the handbook for SAP so be it,but I am going to withdraw because they say I will not get my stipend,(FA)due to the F.I feel I pass,but they don't.They keep saying I have to take course over pass then I might get some funds later.I am looking for another school.Any advice?? Am I wrong???

  • Ashford SAP for FINANCIAL AID -

    This website is not a place to seek help with financial aid counseling. You should find the financial aid office in your school and seek help there.

  • Ashford SAP for FINANCIAL AID -

    I know I can ask my advisor at the school,but I want outside of the school answers. I was asking a simple question,not no counseling.And fa is a course/homework isn't it?:)

  • Ashford SAP for FINANCIAL AID -

    I would ask the financial aid officer if I would be placed on academic probation or academic suspension of financial aid the first time my gpa is under a 2.0.

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