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For each sentence write whether the sentence is in the active or passive voice.

1.Pygmalion was written by George Bernard Shaw. Passive voice

2.Shaw's play is based on an ancient Greek myth. Active voice

3.Many people saw the play at the theater. Active voice

4.A show at the playhouse was criticized by many in the audience. Passive voice

5.Critics gave it poor reviews in the newspaper. Active voice

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    All are correct!

  • Grammar -- Correction! -

    I goofed on sentence 2. That verb is in the passive voice because the play is not doing any action.

    Sorry about the mistake.

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    ok sorrie but i have 15 more Questions

    6.The script was written by a brilliant playwright. Passive voice

    7.She created strange and different characters. Active voice

    8.The director did his very best with the material. Active voice

    9.The director was praised by sereral critics. Passive voice

    10.The scenery was designed by members of a local drama clube. passive voice

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    6 - 10 = all correct!

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