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1) a force of 10 N acts on a 5.0 kg object, initially at rest, for 2.5 s. What is the final speed of the object?

2) a 1500 kh car, is allowed to coast along a level track at a speed of 8.0 m/s. It collides and couples with a 2000-kg truck , initially at rest with brakes released. What is the speed of the two vehicles after they collide?

3) a 0.060 tennis ball, initially moving at a speed of 12 m/s, is struck, which causes it to rebound in the opposite direction at a speed of 18 m/s. What is the change in momentum of the ball?

4) a 0.35 jk mud ball is dropped from a height of 2.5 m above a floor. When it hits the floor, the mud ball comes to rest in 0.30 s. What is the magnitude if the average force on the mud ball by the floor?

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    Hmm. Four momentum problems; no effort or thought shown.

    Someone will be glad to critique your work.

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