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Please help are these right? A 2.3 mole sample of nitrogen (N2), has a volume of 50.0 L and a pressure of 630 mmHg. What is the temperature of the gas?
41.5 C which I converted to Kelvin and got 231.5K

Calculate the molarity (M) of the following solutions:

A) 2.0 moles of glucose in 340 ml of glucose solution.5.88 M glucose solution is what I got

B) 4.0 g of KOH in 2 L of KOH Solution.
0.036 M KOH solution is what I got.

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    #1. I can't get 231.5 K.
    B. 5.88 is what my calculator gives; however, you are allowed only two significant figures (from the 2.0) and you should round the answer to 5.9 M.
    C. Looks ok to me.

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