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If current is passed in an electrolytic cell containing sodium nitrate, NaNO3, dissolved in water, what are the products at the anode and the cathode?

If it's dissolved in water then it is:
NaNO3 -> Na+ + NO3- right?

So you have...
Anode: NaNO3 -> Na+ + e-
Cathode : NaNO3 + e- -> NO3-

Is this correct?

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    Am I correct?

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    Yes and no.
    Yes, you have Na^+ and NO3^-.
    No, the products are not Na and NO3^-
    H2O is easier to electrolyze than Na and NO3^-. The NaNO3 serves as an electrolyte to conduct electrons from electrode to electrode but the NaNO3 stays intact as the ions.

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