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What are some similarities between the Wife of Bath's Tale and The Merchant's tale (by chaucer)?

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    Please try some of the following links:


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    Here's how to use this site:

    1. In the left column (window), scroll down until you find the tales you need to read and know about. (The Wife of Bath's Tale is in Fragment III. The Merchant's Tale is in Fragment IV.)

    2. Click on the side-by-side-translation link.

    As you read each tale, take notes. What parts of the story are similar? What are different? Is there anything about the way one tale is told that is similar to the other? ... different from the other?

    If you take notes in columns, one column for each tale, you'll find it easier to isolate their similarities and differences.

    If you need help organizing your paper, let us know.

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    it's not a paper, but i just need a few bigger picture things. is there a part in The Merchant's Talr that compares women or men to fire or hell? because I thought i found something a but ago but i cant remember anymore

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    Don't try to remember. Go back into the text and reread it. That's the best way to make sure.

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