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please help me with this two questions I am in the hospital because i have a car accident please help
1- There are many groups that influence education in schools today. Who are these stakeholders and how do they impact the way children are educated in America.

2- How has the influence of content and state standards improved what content is being taught in the classroom? What are some possible negative effects this mandate has had on American education please help

  • EDU310 -

    1. People who influence schools:
    teacher-training institutions
    local school boards
    state departments of education
    federal Department of Education
    communities (pass or reject requests for money)

    2. I'm not sure that state standards have improved most content in the classroom. At best it's standardized the content and forced teachers to teach to the tests.

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    These are incredibly complex questions. Are you prepared to start writing a book or two?? =)

    Stakeholders --
    -- children
    -- parents
    -- teachers
    -- administrators
    -- school board members
    -- textbook publishers
    -- legislators
    and undoubtedly many more. How does each group fit into the "education" world?


    The effects of states' standards are different in each state, so read widely and take good notes.

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