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A ship leaves its homeport and sails on a bearing of N28degrees10'E. Another ship leaves the same port at the same time and sails on a bearing of S61degrees50'E. If the first ship sails at 24.0 mph and second sails at 28mph, find the distance between the two ships after 4hrs.

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    Unless otherwise indicated, all angles are measured CCW from the +x-axis.

    d1 = 24mi/h[61.83o]*4h = 96 mi[61.83o]

    d2=28mi/h[331.83o]*4h=112 mi[331.83o]

    D=d2-d1 = 112mi[331.83o] - 96mi[61.83] =
    98.7-52.9i - (45.3+84.6i)=53.4 - 137.5i

    = 147.5mi[68.8o] S. of E.

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