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this is a french fable that I translated but I don't really undersand it. It is called the lion and the hunter...

A braggart, lover of hunting,
Just lost a dog of good breed,
He suspected the body of a lion,
Saw a shepherd: "Teach me, please,
My thief, he said, the house.
That this not because I do. "
The shepherd said: "It was around this mountain.
By paying tribute to a sheep
For each month, I wander in the countryside
As I please, and I'm at rest. "
At the moment they held these remarks,
The lion comes out, and comes with a light step.
Immediately to dodge the bully;
"O Jupiter, show me some asylum
Cried he, who can save me! "

The true test of courage
Only the danger that one touches the finger,
Such as seeking, he said that, changing language,
Fled as soon as he sees it.

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    It helps to have the original fable:


    Un fanfaron, amateur de la chasse,
    Venant de perdre un chien de bonne race,
    Qu'il soupçonnait dans le corps d'un lion,
    Vit un berger : " Enseigne-moi, de grâce,
    De mon voleur, lui dit-il, la maison.
    Que de ce pas je me fasse raison. "
    Le berger dit : " C'est vers cette montagne.
    En lui payant de tribut un mouton
    Par chaque mois, j'erre dans la campagne
    Comme il me plaît, et je suis en repos. "
    Dans le moment qu'ils tenaient ces propos,
    Le lion sort, et vient d'un pas agile.
    Le fanfaron aussitôt d'esquiver ;
    " O Jupiter, montre-moi quelque asile,
    S'écria-t-il, qui me puisse sauver ! "

    La vraie épreuve de courage
    N'est que dans le danger que l'on touche du doigt,
    Tel le cherchait, dit-il, qui, changeant de langage,
    S'enfuit aussitôt qu'il le voit.

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    yah i do. I just don't understand it. can you explain???

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    A braggart, an amateur of the hunt
    Just lost a thoroughbred dog
    that he was suspecting was in a lion's body
    He saw a shepherd: "Show me, for mercy's sake
    the home of the thief," he said to him.
    "That at once I may resign myself."
    The shepherd said: "It's toward that mountain.
    On paying a sheep as tribute for each month, I wander in the country as I like, and I am at ease."
    At that moment that they were having these remarks, the lion exits, and comes with a nimble step. The braggard immediately sidesteps; "Oh Jupiter, show me some shelter, he cries, which can save me!"

    The true test of courage isn't only in the danger that touches one,
    Like it was looking for him, he says, who, changing speech, flees as soon as h e sees him.

    Do you get the idea now?

    Sra (aka Mme)

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    oh thanks sooo much:)

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    A rhyming version
    II. — The Lion and the Hunter.4
    A braggart, lover of the chase,

    Had lost a dog of valued race,

    And thought him in a lion’s maw.

    He ask’d a shepherd whom he saw,

    ‘Pray show me, man, the robber’s place,

    And I’ll have justice in the case.’

    “Tis on this mountain side,’

    The shepherd man replied.

    ‘The tribute of a sheep I pay,

    Each month, and where I please I stray.’

    Out leap’d the lion as he spake,

    And came that way, with agile feet.

    The braggart, prompt his flight to take,

    Cried, ‘Jove, O grant a safe retreat!’

    A danger close at hand

    Of courage is the test.

    It shows us who will stand —

    Whose legs will run their best.

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