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Is the Introduction below connection to the main Idea Vampire Survival:

Vampires have become the most interesting and popular immoral creature during the years. Characters as a vampire in a movie or even in book! Now… People might wonder that are vampires really REAL or FAKE. It had to really depends on your imagination, if you believe that vampires are really then keep you’re thought don’t change them it really matters what you believe on and not at others.

What can I make changes on to this introduction. ☺

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    The second statement is not a complete sentence; it needs a verb. People might wonder if...It would have to depend on your imagination...

    If you believe (this is a new sentence) that vampires are real, then keep your thought, don't change...

    real is the adjective but really is the adverb.


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    Is this intro actually a connection to the idea of Vampire Survival? If not then what can I change?

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