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Calculate the molar solubility of MX2, if the Ksp=3.3x10^-8

i already asked this but im confused about one of the steps.

Ksp = (x)(2x)^2 = 4x^3 = 3.3X10^-8

x = solubility = 0.00202M.

but i don't understand do i substitute the x in 4x^3 3.3X10^-8 and then divide by 3.3X10^-8. or am i wrong?

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    i tried solving it on my own but im confused by the steps and when i calculate i don't end up with 0.00202. please help!

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    4x^3 = 3.3E-8
    x^3 = (3.3E-8/4) = 8.25E-9
    x= cube root(8.25E-9) = 0.00202 M

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    thanks! it looks like i was calculating the cube and not the cube root!

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