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the french and idian war was a deadly war but important. is this a good thesis statement?

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    In what way was it important?

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    it helpd change things in history

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    Hi majenta,

    In my view a thesis statement is only good if it is properly justified. In this case, you have to clarify what you mean by "important" - which may be subjective (different people may interpret it differently) as well as rather broad.

    So like what I think PsyDAG said, you're gonna have to incorporate things like (why and) in what way you felt the war was important into the thesis statement itself.

    Also, saying that it helped change things in history is a little vague for me, so I would be specific as to what changes in history the war led to and then show how the changes were actually important in my body paragraphs if I were writing an essay. Of course, if you're just writing a short paragraph, then such specific justification may not be required.

    These are only my views though, I hope I helped! (:


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