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I still have a few more sentences to check.I hope you can look at them, too.
Thank you

1) During the industrial revolution England is interested by a rise in population which caused a growing need for clothes. This led to an increase in production made possible (??) by new inventions and the introduction of steam power.
2)Children are the only ones who are not corrupted by civilization. Children are the only ones not to be corrupted (unspoiled by society?).
The poet became a sort of moral teacher who had to (should) teach people how to know themselves better and convey truth to mankind.
3)In “Heart of Darkness” Conrad describes what he sees when he was a sailor for (not in?) a Belgian company. He experienced directly (personally?) what European colonialism was really like when working as a sailor.
4)The Romantics lived detached from civilization (detached from society, they isolated themselves from society, are they all possible?) which (not who) had brought any (every) kind of evil to mankind.
5)They looked at the child as the ideal person since he (?) was not spoiled by the rules of civilization. His personality was unrestrained and free to express itself.
6) That’s why they exalted men who lived in the countryside because (?) they had not to deal with the darkness of society.
7) When white people are detached from society (?), they lack (lose contact with) civilization and follow their worst (innermost) instincts.
8) There is also a dark view of nature represented by the jungle, which is savage and hostile to human people, hiding their dangers (?)

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    1. England was interested

    3. for a Belgian company

    8. hiding its dangers? (the dangers of the jungle?)

    Yes, the others are possible.


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