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I forgot to include the following statements. Thank you very much for your corrections.

1)The introduction of new machinery permitted (made it possible)) to sell cheaper products (better. products at a cheaper, more competitive.
2)Work was forbidden for children under 11.
3) The increase (growth?) in production brought about an increase in the total wealth of the country.
4) Working conditions (and not condition of work) began to be regulated thanks to the introduction of the factory acts.
5) The introduction of the steam engine made it possible to manufacture clothes more cheaply and put many people out of work
6) A child was considered as purer than an adult because he was unspoilt by civilization. The mission of the poet was like that of a prophet; he has to convery truth to mankind
7) The novel speaks about a man who went to Africa(correction: deals with, tells the story of a man?)

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    1. permitted the selling of


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