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solve the following for x, where 0<x<2pi.... 2tanx+ sq rt 12=0

- write the general solution aswell

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    2 tanx = -√12
    tanx = -√12/2
    x = 60° or 240°
    since the period of tanx is 180°
    the general solution would be 60° + 180k

    now I will switch to radians
    x = π/3 or 4π/3
    general solution : x = π/3 + kπ , where k is an integer

    (I used my calculator to find the first angle, even though I should have recognized √12/2 as √3
    I usually set my calculator to degrees, that way I recognize the standard angles if there are any.
    Unless you recognize the decimal versions of radian angles, this works best for me)

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