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Thank you very much for your corrections. Here are some more sentences on the same subject. Thank you.

1)Wordsworth imagines himself as (like) a cloud which overflows (better: floats over) valleys and hills. Before (Wordsworth) nature was seen as a philosophical entity. Now it starts to be seen as a real living being.
2)He sees nature in a pantheistic way. He believes that all element of nature are affected (?) by the presence of an immanent God. The flowers are described as a crowd, alive and in movement, to show that they are like living beings.
3)In the second stanza the poet’s pantheistic view of nature appears (correction: describes nature according to a pantheistic view, gives a pantheistic view of nature?)
4)He says that the daffodils, while kindly moving their heads, outdo the waves in glee. In the poem is presented a pantheistic view of nature (a pantheistic view of nature is present?) according to which every element of nature is in harmony with the whole universe.
5)Their golden colour make them shine like a group of stars, as we can derive from the simile of the Milky way. The flowers are continuous as the stars in the Milky Way

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