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A carbon dioxide laser is an infrared laser. A CO2 laser with a cavity length of 48.4 cm oscillates in the m=100,000.0 mode.
1. What is the wavelength of the laser beam?
2. What is the frequency of the laser beam?

  • Physics -

    1. wavelength = (cavity length)/50,000
    (50,000 is the number of half waves between the mirrors)

    2. frequency = (speed of light)/wavelength

  • Physics -

    1) wavelength= 2L/m

    wavelength= 9.68x10^-6m

    2) fn=n(speed of light)/wavelength
    speed of light =299,792,458 m/s

    fn= 100000(299792458)/9.68x10^-6
    = 3.10x10^28 Hz

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