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A 14000 N automobile travels at a speed of 50 km/h northward along a street, and a 7500 N sports car travels at a speed of 62 km/h eastward along an intersecting street.

(a) If neither driver brakes and the cars collide at the intersection and lock bumpers, what will the velocity of the cars be immediately after the collision?

direction ° (counterclockwise from due east)

(b) What percentage of the initial kinetic energy will be lost in the collision?

  • Physics -

    Use conservation of momentum to get the final velocity and direction.

    With the final velocity known for both cars, you can compute the kinetic energy loss, and express it as a percentage of the initial KE.

    Be sure to convert km/h speeds to m/s.
    The car weights (in N) should be converted to masses (in kg) when computing momentum, by dividing by g, but the g will cancel out anyway.

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