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US history

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US-Soviet relations during the early years of Reagan Administration:
A. improved because NATO decided not to deploy cruise missiles in Europe.
B. changed little despite the positive messages sent from the new Soviet leader Andropov.
C. worsened because the Soviets decided to back our of nuclear missile talks for no reason.
D. worsened over the US deployment of cruise missiles in Europe and the Soviet shooting down of a civilian aircraft.
I chose answer D but I'm not sure.

2. After years of doing little to deal with government income and spending, in the early part of Reagan's second term:
A. Congress increased the level of deficit it would accept again.
B. Congress passed a law to limit the budget deficit and tax reform.
C. massive tax cuts were enacted that were expected to increase the deficit again.
D. Congress passed a Constitutional amendment that required a balanced budget.
I chose answer B but I'm not sure.

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