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If the system below is at equilibrium in a closed vessel and a small amount of nitrous acid [HNO2(§¤)] is added, what would be expected to happen?
HN3(§¤) + 2 H2O(§¤) + heat N2H4(§¤) + HNO2(§¤)
hydrazoic hydrazine nitrous
acid acid

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    I don't understand the symbolism AND you don't have an arrow. How do we know the reactants from the products. If the arrow is HERE (and I've omitted the symbols too since they don't mean anything the way they are written)
    HN3 + 2H2O + heat ==> N2H4 + HNO2
    The addition of HNO2 will make the reaction shift to the left (if I placed the arrow in the right place). That means N2H4 will decrease, HN3 will increase.Since I don't understand the symbolism, I can't answer about HNO2.

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