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Which planet by itself contains the majority of mass of all the planets?

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    Do you know what the largest planet is? If not, you need to do some reading in your course materials.

    It certainly would have to be the largest one on that list.

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    thank you!
    I just thought that just because jupiter is a gaseous planet that it would have a lesser mass.

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    It is true that Jupiter has a lower density than Earth, by about a factor of 5. But its volume is over 1000 times larger.

    The next largest planet is Saturn. It has a lower density than Jupiter, and is considerably smaller as well. it has about 1/3 the mass of Jupiter.

    This web site has some colorful graphs and pictures comparing planets that should interest you.

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    It's Jupiter, which is known to be the biggest planet known at the moment.

    (Scientists may have found a planet bigger than Jupiter.)

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