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5. Esas camisetas, ¿son de ustedes?
Your response:
Sí, son suyos
Points earned: 0 out of 1

6. Esos sombreros de playa, ¿son de ustedes?
Your response:
Sí, son suyas
Points earned: 0 out of 1

can any one help me figure those out?? i tried suyos and suyas for both and it's wrong, doesn't make sense to me.

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    5. I would say "no" because if the question is:"Are they yours?" If I wer answering, I would say: "Yes, they are ours." = Sí, son nuestras.

    Sorry, but I do NOT understand your instructions. You simply say: "Help me" BUT you do not give the official instructions. Are we to ANSWER the questions or simply REWRITE? There is a HUGE difference. Please remember tha we have access to no textbook, etc. and MUST see the instructions you see!

    6. I would say, answering the questions: Sí, son nuestros.

    Now I believe that the "Poins earned: ) out of 1" simply states that you missed the items entirely?

    OK, then. Here is how you want to attack it, IF YOU ARE ASKED TO ANSWER THE QUESTION . There are NO SHORTCUTS.
    1. Look at the question.
    2. Translate the question .
    3. Ask yourself the question: "Estas camisetas, ¿son de ustedes?" (These undershirts (OR tops), are they yours? (meaning "belonging to all of you? plural)

    4. Now answer it FIRST in English. " Yes, they are ours." (They belong to us, plural.)

    5. NOW, answer in Spanish: "Sí, son nuestras. " (Yes, they are ours; belong to us)

    Now you can clearly see that you MUST have the right answer! If you do that often enough, you wlll see the pattern, without having to go through the 5 steps.


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    The answer is Yes, they are mine. Si, son mias. for the shirts and mios for the hats.

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    thank you , you were right srajmcgin

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