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1. How much acceleration does a 747 jumbo jet of mass 31600 kg experience in takeoff when the thrust for each of four engines is 30000 N?
2. Two boxes are seen to accelerate at the same rate when a force F is applied to the first and 5F is applied to second. What is the mass ratio of the boxes?

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    1. F = 4 * 30000N = 120000N.

    F = ma = 120000,
    31600*a = 120000,
    a = 120000 / 31600 = 3.8 m/s^2.

    2. F = ma,
    m1 = F/a,

    m2 = 5F/a,

    m2/m1 = (5F/a) / (F/a) = 5F/a * a/F =
    5F/F = 5/1.

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