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What is the concentration of HCl when 25.0 mL of HCl completely reacts with 10.0 mL of 0.1M solution of NH4OH (subscript 4)? Solution steps would be helpful so I can solve other similar problems.

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    Also, I was looking for the concentration of HCl, not the volume. The equation is:

    HCl (aq) + NH4OH (aq) ---> NH4Cl (aq) + H2O (l).

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    From the equation, we conclude that one mole of HCl will react with one mole of NH4OH, which means that you only have to equate the product of the molarity of the solutions and the respective volumes, i.e.
    conc.HCl*25 ml = 0.1M * 10 ml
    = 0.1M*10ml/25ml
    = 0.04M
    If the ratio of the reactants is not 1:1, an adjustment will be required.

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    Thanks much! I kept getting 0.4M, but realized that I was multiplying 1M * 10 mL instead of 0.1M.

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