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I am going to write about Somali pirates and I need help with writing my essay. I want to start with Anecdote and I don't know how to start. I am not for Somali pirates but I just think that justice is not being servered.

this is little background about Somali pirates and European ships.

European ships go to Somali seas and fish with their permission, when they overfish it affects the Somali people because that's how they provide for their families. They also dump nuclear wastes on somali waters. The Somali people began to have skin radiation, over 300 people died because of this. The fishermen complained to the U.N

and the U.N ignored them. The fishermen began to capture boats that enters into Somali seas without permission and this is how the Somali pirates came to be.

How can I write about this issue please?
Thank you for ur help!

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    You can't write an introduction until you've written the body of the paper.

    First write your thesis sentence -- probably something about how justice isn't being served in the case of these pirates.

    Then outline your supporting arguments.

    Write the body of your paper.

    By the time you've finished this, you'll be ready to incorporate an anecdote into your introduction.

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