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We have to find the synonym of the word in bold. I have a few choices but I'm stuck between two..

The words in bold are incumbent upon
the phrase reads:
incumbent upon all officials

Deciding to choose between
a) the duty of
b) the term of office of

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    I'm not sure I understand, but here goes.

    To find synonyms or antonyms for words, use a thesaurus. Here's a good one:

    Why are you trying to decide between the two phrases? They don't mean the same as each other. What is it you are trying to say?

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    ok here's what my workbook says

    Circle the letter of the best synonym for the word(s) in bold-faced type.

    INCUMBENT UPON all officials (incumbent upon is bold-faced..

    these are the options
    a) the parameters of
    b) the duty of
    c) the term of office of
    d) the puissance of
    e) the demagoguery of

    i narrowed it down to B and C

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    The best answer is B.

    An office holder is considered the incumbent. But it's incumbent on them to do their duties.

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    wow poetry in motion

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