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3 mass are collienear formation A, B, C
massA is 363 kg and is .5m away from mass B (517 kg)and mass B is .25m away from mass C (154kg)
Find the magnitude and direction of the net gravitational force acting on each of the three particles (let the direction to the right be positive).

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    B and C pull A to the right. Use the universal law of gravity

    F = G*M1*M2/R^2
    to compute the individual forces and add them. You must have seen that equation before.

    For B, A pulls it to the left and C pulls to the right. Make sure the force due to A is subtracted from the force due to C.

    You should be able to calculate the force on C after doing the other two. Both forces (due to A and B) will be to the left.

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