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4. Modify the program of Problem 3 so that it also computes and displays the employee’s net pay. Net pay is gross pay minus deductions. Assume that deductions are taken for tax withholding (30% of gross pay) and parking ($10 per month).


    Even if we know what "problem 3" is, referring to previous posts, you would have to tell us what help you are look for.

    We can review your pseudocode, help find logical or syntax errors, critique your code, etc., but we do not write the code for you and deprive you of practice.

    Please post again with more specific needs.


    Prompt employee for an hourly pay rate and hours worked. Compute gross pay (hour x rate), withholding tax and net pay (gross pay – withholding tax). Withholding tax is computed as a percentage of gross pay based on the following:

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