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US history multiple choice

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1. The US foreign policy of the Kennedy Administration:

A. tried to prevent the spread of communism by military intervention and peaceful means as well.
B. threatened to use the military often, but did little else.
C. generally gave in when the Soviets threatened militarily.
D. significantly decreased military readiness.

I think it's A but I'm not sure.

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    I agree -- A.

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  • US history multiple choice -

    For your teacher use "A" for your answer, however, having lived thrugh the period, Kennedy was a terrible "Commander in Chief". The US trained freedom fighters in Florida in the art of warfare. When the time was right he sent them to cuba, and as they waded ashore at the bay of pigs, the Cuban had been alerted by our government ahead of time. Kennedy pulled off the promised air support and thousands died in the water, or later in prisions if they survived.
    As a US Marine, we were not anxious to serve under this inexperienced commander.

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