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She also makes a very important remark that explains Samsara, “You have a good soul, but it’s like you waited your whole life for something”. <<<If we interpret this to the belief the Hindus follow; the cycle in which the soul of all living things trying to reach god, Brahma; has a similar concept. >>>

can you please tell me if the second sentence with the <<<__>>> is gramatically-sentence structure wise okay thank you!!

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    The words between the brackets do not make full sentences. They are incomplete and don't make sense.

    1. Delete all semicolons (;) - they are not used correctly.

    2. Determine what each of the following sections are supposed to say, and then revise so they make sense:

    If we interpret this to the belief the Hindus follow What is "this"? You need to insert "according" in front of "to." Do Hindus follow only one belief?

    the cycle in which the soul of all living things trying to reach god, Brahma Are you referring to the beliefs regarding reincarnation? If so, be sure to say so. In addition, this part needs a verb; I see only participles and an infinitive.

    has a similar concept. This makes no sense to me because I can't make sense of the first two parts.

    Please clarify the entire passage.

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