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4th grade

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this year spring parade has a marching band, pairs of dancers, a float with jugglers, a dozen circus clowns, a girl scout troop a boy scout pack, and a championship football team.

Directions: Read the description of each group carefully and decide how many are in each group and in what order they marched in the parage.

* The marching band was not the leader, but thier six rolls of four musicians in each row were near the front, just ahead of the Girl Scouts.

* The football team has two fewer marchers then the Girl Scouts. They could take theri time signing autographs, because they marched at the end of the parade.

* The Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts were separatred by the three groups of four jugglers on the jugglers float.

* the three pairs of dancers were between the boy scouts and the football team.

* The boy scouts have five rolls of three marchers, and the Girl scouts had twice as many.

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    My answer to this question is:
    Circus Clowns were 1st with 12 members
    Marching Band 2nd with 24 members
    Girl Scouts 3rd with 30 members
    Jugglers 4th with 12 members
    Boy Scouts 5th with 15 members
    Dancers 6th with 6 members
    Football Team 7th with 28 members

    I am not sure this is completely right but I see no other way to complete this problem

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