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Why is important to fight against poverty? these people in poverty are characterized by others as being worthless, are rejected, and are made to feel guilty because of their situation. It's important to help these people because their lives have been torn apart and they need to be loved and helped by others.

What else can I put?

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    When people are in poverty, they don't have much money to spend. Our economy depends upon people buying houses, cars, and other things. If people aren't buying, then other people don't have jobs. It's a vicious circle.

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    I taught and worked for over 27 years in a school district where the poverty level was amazingly awful. During that time, I saw some really hard-working and some really bright kids come from many, many of these families. Fortunately, most of them were also healthy, but what would happen in our country if we lost people (to illnesses, to death, etc.) because of their inability to afford good food, uninfested shelter, sufficient medical care, and so on?

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