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Ms. Sue I had asked this of you already and you said a histogram would be best but I get confused on this and when I enter it into excel it comes out wrong.

The data we have is for age 1-14 death rate per 1000 is 4.6, 15-24 rate is 6.2, 25-44 rate is 16.6, 45-64 rate os 8.8 and 65+ is 15.7. I put in column A in excel the age range but could not put the 1-14 so I used the intervals of 1,15,25,45, and 65 then in column b I put the rates as listed above. Then I had to do bins which are the intervals I made. When I did frequency using the array of the rates as my data array and the intervals as my bins I got zeros on my frequency and the histogram looks wrong. Can you advise. I have looked on youtube and thought I was doing it right but to no avail, as well as looking at excel tutorials. Thank you for any help

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    I'm sorry, I haven't used Excel. Did you try a bar graph?

    If you still need help, please post another question with this subject: Excel graphing.

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