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The rate law of the overall reaction.
A + B -> C

is rate = k[ A ]^2 Which of the following not increase the rate of a chemical reaction?

a) increasing the temperature of the reaction
b)increasing the concentration of reaction A
c)adding a catalyst for the reaction
d)increasing the concentration of reactant B
e)all of these will increase the rate

also, i was wondering if the answer would be different if the rate order was zero or one? i just want to make sure i understand questions like these.

i asked someone and they told me the answer is D, does anyone know for sure?

  • chemistry -

    (B) is not in the rate expression; therefore, changing (B) will not affect the rate.
    If the rate order for A is 1, the answers are the same. If the rate order of A is 0, the rate doesn't depend on A or B.

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