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two air carts of mass m1=0.87kg and m2=0.48kg are placed on a frictionless track.cart 1 is at rest initally, and a spring bumper with a force constant of 690N/m. cart 2 has a flat metal surface for a bumper, and move toward the bumper of the stationary cart with an intial speed v=0.69m/s. Assume that positive x-axis is directed toward the direction of motion of cart 2.
a)what is the speed of the two cart at the moment when their speeds are equal? i have calculated that already and it is 0.25m/s
b) how much energy is stored in the spring bumper when the carts have the same speed?
c)what is the final speed of cart 1 after the collision?
d)what is the final speed of cart 2 after the collision?

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